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Displace International
Faction: Independent
Class: Private Military Corporation
Organization Details
Status: Disbanded
Base: Hantz Center Tower
Leader: Douglas Shetland

Displace International is a Private Military Corporation and Displace Offices based in the top three floors of Hantz Center Tower, New York.

Organization InformationEdit

Displace International (aka Displace or D.I.) is a company that is known for hiring mercenaries to protect certain people and locations. The company was founded and is run by former U.S. Marine Recon officer Douglas Shetland, who used to work with Sam Fisher and the NSA. One division of their company that is known of is the VIP Protection Division which is run by Milos Nowak.

Displace was founded sometime during the 1990s and has been involved in several major political affairs across the world. Sometime during its lifetime, it gained notoriety for being the first PMC to be listed on the Fortune 500.

Displace CEO Douglas Shetland was at the U.S. Embassy in East Timor during the Indonesian Incident of 2006. On March 28, militants of the anti-separatist guerrilla force known as the Darah Dan Doa, personally led by Suhadi Sadono, assaulted the Embassy and took many hostages, including Shetland. Shetland had been investigating Indonesian activities in the newly-independent country and the Darah Dan Doa demanded the intelligence he gathered. Fortunately, Sam Fisher rescued him and Shetland relayed the intelligence to him instead. Later, when Fisher was assigned to infiltrate the Darah Dan Doa's campsite at Kundang, Shetland provided tactical assistance by deploying a dozen Displace snipers around the campsite. These snipers proved essential in allowing Fisher to escape the enemy camp.

Later, Fisher infiltrated the Darah Dan Doa's submarine base in Komodo and found the location of the five smallpox-armed ND133 canisters deployed by the DDD across the U.S. Their owners were somehow linked to "Displace", suggesting that the company may have provided protection to these agents.

During the blackouts and the information warfare crisis of 2007, the company was responsible for the protection of Abrahim Zherkezhi who happened to turn up mysteriously missing while under their protection. The company of mercenaries turned out to be his kidnappers because Shetland wanted information he had that could help him obtain the Masse Kernels, a series of computerized algorithms designed by the infamous computer genius Philip Masse. The company has also been assigned to protect American computer engineer Bruce Morgenholt, but instead had him kidnapped and tortured by Peruvian guerrillas in order to learn more about Zherkezhi and the Masse Kernels.

Third Echelon learned of Displace's involvement in the crisis when they learned that the VIP Protection Division was guarding Zherkezhi's penthouse in New York City. When Milan Nedich was implicated in Zherkezhi's kidnapping, Third Echelon was led to believe that Nedich was operating within Displace without Shetland's knowledge.

On July 4, 2007 Douglas Shetland had entered a hotel bar that Sam Fisher was having a drink at when Fisher found out that his long time friend Arthur Partridge was killed while celebrating Independence Day on the USS Clarence E. Walsh. It was then that Fisher had warned Shetland about Milan Nedich and asked if he'd be able to do anything about it. Shetland told Sam that he wasn't just going to throw his vice president out on the street because of a rumor and that Fisher better have definitive proof of Nedich's crimes before accusing him. Fisher agreed but warned Shetland to stay out of his way. After their brief meeting Shetland offered Fisher a job in which he refused.

Fisher followed Shetland to the Displace safehouse in Hokkaido in an attempt to apprehend Zherkezhi. It was eventually discovered that Milan Nedich was there and that he was in fact a wanted war criminal from the Bosnian War. Sam was ordered to execute him in an attempt to end his illegal activities. Later, Fisher finally located Zherkezhi in a tea house, only to discover that Shetland had beat him to the location. Shetland, having decided that Zherkezhi outlived his usefulness, murdered the helpless technician in cold blood with a katana and then fled the scene. With definitive proof that Shetland had gone rogue, Third Echelon was determined to expose the agency's illegal activities to the American government.

It was eventually deduced that Displace was fueling the growing crisis in Southeast Asia so that it could profiteer from the ensuing war and expand its influence as a PMC. This would only be possible through assistance from an unknown Asian element working behind the scenes, so Third Echelon sent Fisher to Tokyo, Japan to identify Shetland's contacts.

Third Echelon exposed Displace's activities to Secretary of Defense Frank Masson and U.S. President David Bowers and gained their approval for an investigation into the company's role in the conspiracy.

Fisher tracked down Shetland to a bathhouse in Tokyo and eventually discovered, to everybody's shock, that the Japanese Information Self-Defense Force was Shetland's contacts. Shetland agreed to give the I-SDF the Masse Kernels and the ability to remilitarize Japan in exchange for their assistance. During Shetland's meeting with the I-SDF, their disagreements boiled over into a bloodbath that saw Displace and I-SDF engage each other in a massive firefight. Fisher fought through the carnage and faced Shetland in a Mexican standoff, learning that Shetland was sick of the "bureaucrats and backroom deals" that had corrupted the U.S. and insisted that as a "revolutionary", he had to help "tear it down and start over". Fisher, incensed by Shetland's crimes, executed his former friend, forcing Displace to retreat. The crisis in Asia was ultimately resolved when Shetland's contacts in the I-SDF were arrested for war crimes.

Displace International was succeeded into Black Arrow which was commissioned by Lucius Galliard.

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