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Dios y Federacion is the seventh episode of Season 2 Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series. It premiered on October 31, 2019.


The election in Venezuela is moved up. Stranded in a hostile country, Jack and Mike fight for their lives, while Greer is interrogated. The Ubarri family must decide to flee or face Reyes.


This episode revolves around the turbulent state of the country that Reyes has pushed the country into. The situation tests the loyalties of several key people.

Greer has been captured, never making it to the airport nor the safehouse. Turned over to the army by someone the Americans trusted, who has also been responsible for a number of other abnormalities in their time here. His torturer is none other than Mateo Bastos.

Greer meets other political dissidents who challenged Reyes, and were persecuted without the freedom of speech.

Mike November and Jack Ryan escape the trap laid by the Venezuelan military at the safehouse upon discovering that Greer is missing. November deals with the traitor to the Americans who sold out Greer.

Reyes has a man firebomb a block of houses in Catia. Horrified by the tragedies Reyes is willing to inflict upon the people, Miguel Ubarri wishes to distance himself from him and recalls November's earlier offer. Cassandra Ubarri is skeptical, and would prefer to stay in the country with her sister (who is married to Reyes).

Reyes puts pressure on Gloria Bonalde by messing with the election and placing her headquarters under the supervision of armed loyalist guards.

November has come up with a plan to rescue Greer by requesting a transport helicopter from Calabrese. Ryan uses the money from the embassy supplies to bribe Joost and the other mercenaries to assist him in attacking the camp where Greer is being held.

The attack is successful, but the camp is already cleared. Hearing gunshots, they realize that executions are taking place and Ryan bursts in to stop them. It turns out that the only American still there is Matice after the events of Persona Non Grata, and that Jim Greer has already been moved.

Reyes confronts Ubarri.