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Daniel Robert Sloane-Suarez (aka Archer and John Drake) is an American agent working as a member of the Splinter Cell program for Third Echelon.


Earning an economics degree at Harvard, Daniel Sloane-Suarez joined the NSA to pursue a career as an intelligence analyst. While at the Agency, Daniel interpreted signal intercepts connected to a dozen of terror plots, and personally identified the leadership of extremist group, the Grass Liberation Front. Though Daniel proved to be a highly capable analyst, his deeply-entrenched resentment to authority created considerable tension with his superiors at Fort Meade.

Fortunately for him, his personnel file was flagged for potential field duty by recruiters of Third Echelon, and Anna Grimsdóttír quickly approved his admission to the group's grueling training program. Eighteen months later, he was assigned to his callsign "Archer".

He was killed at the end of the cooperative campaign by either Kestrel or Andriy Kobin.


  • Daniel Robert Sloane-Suarez is also known as John Drake.

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