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Colin Hazelton is a character that appears in the novel, Full Force and Effect.


Hazelton is a former CIA case officer. He later left the CIA to join an American-based firm called Sharps Global Intelligence Partners which specialized in corporate espionage and investigations. In 2010, Hazelton traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to meet another Sharps employee named Veronika Martel for a hand off. Hazelton is under surveillance by Jack Ryan, Jr. and the other operators of The Campus. Hazelton has forged documentation that will enable skilled labor to enter North Korea and work at the mining operation in the city of Chongju which is funding North Korea's nuclear weapons program. During the meeting, Hazelton tells Martel that he realizes the work they have been doing is in the interests of North Korea. He then tells her that he has had a change of heart and refuses to hand over the forged documents to her.

Hazelton leaves the meeting and The Campus follow him. They realize that Hazelton is also being shadowed by a group of motorcyclists. While The Campus try to prevent it, the motorcycles kill Hazelton, take the forged documents, and deliver them to Martel. Just before Hazelton dies, he manages to scribble a note with the words "Skala" and "DPRK", the abbreviation for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on it.

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