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The Clear and Present Danger (Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was released on August 2, 1994. It consists of 10 tracks produced by James Horner.


# Track Artist Length
1 Main Title/A Clear and Present Danger James Horner 5:26
2 Operation Reciprocity James Horner 3:25
3 Ambush James Horner 9:50
4 The Laser Guided-Missile James Horner 3:51
5 Looking For Clues (Album Ending) James Horner 3:32
6 Deleting The Evidence James Horner 4:41
7 Greer's Funeral/Betrayal James Horner 6:22
8 Escobedo's New Friend James Horner 5:28
9 Second Hand Copter James Horner 2:15
10 Truth Needs A Soldier/End Title James Horner 5:47