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Chip Smitton, also known as Subject M7, is a character that appears in the Rainbow Six novel. He was among the many people that were abducted and used as test subjects for the Shiva virus.


In 2000, Smitton was abducted by The Project and taken to a Horizon Corporation research facility in Binghamton, New York. It was here that he was used as a test subject for the Shiva virus. Unlike the other test subjects, Smitton was not exposed to the virus through aerosol or injection. Instead he was exposed by sexual transmission through an infected Mary Bannister and Anne Pretloe. This was because both women were continually administered tranquilizers to lower their resistance to "loose behavior", allowing Smitton to take advantage of them. Over the next several weeks, Smitton continued his sexual contact with Bannister and Pretloe while Doctors John Killgore and Barbara Archer observed them from behind the scenes. Eventually, Smitton began to display symptoms as his immune system was failing from the Shiva virus.

Killgore, Archer, and the other Project physicians later concluded that it medically impossible to cure someone exposed to the virus and determined that it was time to dispose of their test subjects. Through lethal injection, Barabara Archer killed Smitton, Bannister, Pretloe, and the other remaining test subjects. Afterwards, their bodies were wrapped in plastic and taken to the facility's incinerator to eliminate any evidence.