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This is the version of the character that appears in the novels and first film series. For other versions of the character, see Cathy Muller (Disambiguation)

Dr. Caroline "Cathy" Ryan (née Muller) is the wife of U.S. President Jack Ryan, Sr. and current First Lady of the United States. She appears in several Tom Clancy novels and films. She is the mother of Sally Ryan, Jack Ryan, Jr., Katie Ryan and Kyle Ryan.


Patriot Games

Red Rabbit

The Hunt for Red October

Clear and Present Danger

The Sum of All Fears

In 1991, Cathy worked as a Ophthalmic surgeon at the Wilmer Eye Institute, which is part of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She sought to have a third child with Jack but was blindsided by his recent alcoholism and work load. She later became troubled after reports that Jack was having an affair but was talked down after John Clark and Domingo Chavez. Both men revealed that the reports were a smear campaign concocted by the National Security Advisor and Cathy's former professor at Bennington College Elizabeth Elliot. Cathy later publicly embarrassed Elliot at White House Dinner. With the nuclear crisis averted by Jack, Cathy later becomes pregnant with Kathleen Ryan.

Debt of Honor

Executive Orders

The Bear and the Dragon

Threat Vector

Command Authority

Full Force and Effect

True Faith and Allegiance

Oath of Office