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Buster is a character that appears in Season 1 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.


Buster once worked as a police officer for the Baltimore Police Department. He worked alongside Emmett Ryan who he became close friends with. After leaving the force, he later became the owner of a sea food restaurant in Maryland which was frequently visited by Emmett's son, Jack Ryan. Following Emmett's death from lymphoma, Buster acted as a father figure to Jack. During one instance, Jack shared his first beer with Buster at his restaurant after Jack witnessed his then girlfriend kissing his best friend. The two stayed at the bar for several hours until Buster eventually told Jack that he would stay with him until he was ready to move on.

In 2018, Jack brought Cathy Mueller to the restaurant on a date. Jack, aware that Cathy did not know he and Buster were friends, called Buster over due to a chip in Cathy's glass. Buster apologized but Jack criticized the restaurant and got in Buster's face. Both men then surprised Cathy by hugging and revealing their friendship. Jack then introduced Buster to Cathy. Buster shook Cathy's hand and told her that she was told good for him before walking away to get her a new glass.