Bruce Morgenholt was an expert in computers and computer servers.

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Bruce Morgenholt was a one of a kind engineer for the United States of America. He was one of the men who helped design the USS Clarence E. Walsh an armed ship of the United States Navy designed to equip the latest techniques of electronic warfare. After the Georgian Information Crisis of 2004, Morgenholt was commissioned by the United Nations to coordinate Project: Watson, which subsequently studied the revolutionary techniques developed by Philip Masse. Morgenholt worked together with his partner Abrahim Zherkezhi on Project: Watson (Which helped the NSA later when they were encrypting the messages that Sam Fisher later found in the MCAS Banco De Panama).

Eventually in 2007, the American PMC Displace International was reported for having agreed to a VIP contract to protect Morgenholt. However, shortly after he was mysteriously kidnapped in Peru in an attack that left three VIP Protection associates dead. Sam Fisher was sent out on a mission to rescue him at the Ponta Blanco Lighthouse in Peru where they believed Morgenholt was being kept. After interrogating a couple of the Guerillas, Fisher found out that the people who kidnapped Bruce were with a Peruvian separatist group called the "People's Voice". These people were lead by a man named Hugo Lacerda who was after information on computer technologies that none of the separatists other than Hugo seemed to understand. Fisher moved into the facility in an attempt to extract Morgenholt.


As Sam Fisher prepared to rescue Morgenholt from the lighthouse, he noticed that two of the guerillas were torturing Morgenholt by means of electrocution. Morgenholt hung helplessly by a pipe over a partially-filled bathtub as one of the guerillas zapped him with a set of pliers, sending electricity coursing through his body. Morgenholt screamed for mercy but his cries went unheard. One of the guerillas told his partner he was going too far, but the latter continued to zap him in the hopes of forcing him to surrender more information. Fisher intervened but he wasn't able to save Morgenholt in time, so he died while his arms hung from a pole above him. Fisher went against orders and cut him down but he then found out that Morgenholt had given up some dangerous computer algorithms to Lacerda.[1]

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