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Brian Caruso is a character that appears in several Tom Clancy novels. He is the nephew of President Jack Ryan and the twin brother of Dominic Caruso.


The Teeth of the Tiger

In 2006, Captain Brian Caruso was a U.S. Marine working as a recon and intelligence officer. After returning from Afghanistan to be decorated for his achievements in battle, he separated from the military and was recruited into The Campus alongside his brother Dominic due to their ability to kill enemies in cold blood. Later, Islamic fundamentalists cross the U.S.-Mexico border and attack several suburban malls. Brian and Dominic happen to be at one of the malls when the attack occurs. Although they efficiently find and dispatch all four shooters, dozens of people are killed; similar massacres occur at most of the other targeted sites. Afterwards, The Campus decides the brothers are ready and implements a "reconnaissance by fire" strategy to flush out the terrorist leaders.

To carry out the assassinations, the brothers are issued a weapon utilizing succinylcholine, developed by a Columbia University professor whose brother died in the 9/11 attacks. Disguised as tourists, the team travels across Europe, finding and murdering several major players in the terrorist organization. The first three assassinations go off fairly routinely, and for the fourth, the brothers are joined by their cousin Jack Ryan, Jr.. Although originally present as an observer, Jack is forced to kill the target himself when a random accident spills wine on the brothers' suits, spoiling their anonymous appearance. After murdering the terrorist, Jack uses his hotel key to gain access to his computer and downloads the entire contents for later analysis.

Dead or Alive

In 2007, Brian assisted the other Campus agents in the hunt for "the Emir", Saif Rahman Yasin. Joined by new Campus agents John Clark and Domingo Chavez, they engaged in a firefight against URC terrorists in Tripoli. Unfortunately, Brian succumbed to his injuries as a result.