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Artem is a character that appears in the film, Without Remorse.


Artem worked as a mercenary out of Russia. Due to the danger of his work, Artem required payments in advance to provide job security for his familiy. In 2019, Artem and several other mercenaries were hired by CIA operative Robert Ritter to capture Viktor Rykov and take him U.S. base in Finland. This was because Ritter's CIA black ops team was believed to have been killed after they were shot down. While Ritter was giving Artem his advance payment, however, the black ops team revealed themselves to be alive. One member, John Kelly, was suspicious that Ritter had leaked their mission and tried to get them killed. As a result, Kelly held Ritter at gun point and started choking him to demanded answers on what the real mission was. Ritter denied selling them out and that he was really there to capture Rykov. He then told Artem to explain why they were being paid in advance which caused Kelly to eventually release Ritter.

Afterwards, Artem brought them to Oleksiy who had set up surveillance equipment in an apartment adjacent to where Rykov had been staying. Artem and the other mercenaries stayed behind while Ritter and the black ops team went to capture Rykov. The mission failed, however, as Rykov killed himself and the team was ambushed by two snipers. After the team managed to escape, Artem and the other mercenaries met with them at a dock and helped them escape the country by boat.