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Annabelle Schenkel is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. She is the daughter of the Max Schenkel


In 2019, Annabelle was attending King Edward University in Egham, England. Her father, Max Schenkel frequently visited her though she was unaware that he had left the BND to become a professional assassin. During one visit, she met with her father in a nearby church. Max gifted her a knife from South America and told her that he would have to go away for longer than usual. He then gave her a phone that she could use to reach him under the contact "Ripley". Confused, Annabelle asked him if everything was okay and Max reassured her that it was.

Jack Ryan later learned from Harriet Baumann that Annabelle was Max's daughter and approached her while she is at the University Library studies. He then gave Annabelle his passport at her request for proof of identification and stated the he worked for the U.S. State Department. Annabelle then asked how Ryan found her and was told that her roommate had told him where she studied.

Knowing that he was there for her father, Annabelle questioned what Ryan wanted from her. Ryan stated that Max was in trouble and was met with more questions from Annabelle as to what kind of trouble he was in and why the BND was not helping him. Ryan stated that the situation was complicated but that Max had information he could use to him. Annabelle then lied stating that she did not know where her father was, that she had not seen him in months, and that she did not have a way to contact him as he had always contacted her. Annabelle then tried to leave, only to have her hand taken by Ryan. Ryan asked her if she had heard about the recent incident at Leicester Square and revealed that Max had been the shooter responsible for Rupert Thorne's death.

Ryan then asked Annabelle to call her father, only to be stabbed in the arm with the knife her father had gifted her earlier. She then tried to escape by running across campus but was caught by Ryan. Ryan then pulled out his pistol to prevent her from screaming and again asked her to call her father. He then told Annabelle that her father was not who she thought her was and that he had left BND two years ago to become a professional assassin. Moments later, Ryan received a call from Harriet, only to have Max answer the phone and ask to speak with his daughter. After asking about Harriet, Ryan told Max that if he told him who hired him to kill U.S. Senator Jimmy Moreno he would let Annabelle go and leave him alone. Max agreed on the condition that they meet in-person.

Max later met Ryan and Annabelle at the University and Ryan let her go as promised. Ryan then asked Max if Venezuelan President Nicolás Reyes had hired him to kill Moreno only to be told that he was not. Max then told Ryan that he was not there to unburden him and pulled out his weapon. Before he could fire, however, Max was shot in the back of the head by an injured Harriet and killed. Shortly after, Annabelle returned to the scene and scrambled to her father's body. Devastated, she told Harriet of her belief that Ryan had killed Max and that his profession as an assassin wasn't true before breaking down crying in Harriet's arms. Shortly after, police arrived at the scene.