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Amanda Watson, codenamed CHIBI, is a character that appears in the novel, Enemy Contact.


In 2011, Watson was a senior design engineer as well as the head of security for the Intelligence Community Cloud of Cloudserve, Inc.. With the help of Lawrence Fung, she took classified information that was gathered by the U.S. intelligence community and offered it to Iranian and Russian intelligence under the alias of "Chibi". This caused a series of attacks on special operations units stationed in Argentina and Syria, respectively. Additionally, a German police officer working undercover in a drug case was killed in a mugging by Iron Syndicate operatives using information from Watson. The demonstrated attacks then enable the three parties to participate in a secret silent auction for an algorithmic key that would unlock the entire IC Cloud in a tech conference to be held in London.

Later, a local rebel force attacks an offshore oil rig under construction by the Chinese. Chinese intelligence officer Chen Xing turns to Watson for information about the rebel force's whereabouts. Watson then orders Fung to pinpoint the location of the rebels. Using Watson's information, the PLA stages a surgical attack on the Angolan rebels, enabling Xing and Chinese intelligence to enter the auction. This attracts the attention of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence Mary Pat Foley who realizes these attacks where the result of breach within the IC Cloud. Foley questions Watson who imparts her suspicions on Fung. As a result, Foley orders a manhunt to capture and interrogate Fung. Watson later learned of this and ordered Fung's death so that he would not expose her, disguising his death as a suicide. Fung's death then prematurely ends Foley's investigation into the breach.

Watson later starts the auction in London, only to be met by Foley and The Campus, having learned of the auction through The Czech, the leader of the Iron Syndicate. Watson was arrested and later sentenced to prison though the auction was still successful. Despite this, Foley devised a plan to penetrate the Chinese, Iranian, and Russian intelligence agencies.

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