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Against All Enemies is a thriller novel published in 2011 by G.P. Putnam's Sons and is a part of the Ryanverse. Unlike other novels, the story follows ex-Navy SEAL and CIA paramilitary operations officer Max Moore as he is tasked by a government joint task force to bring down a Mexican drug cartel and prevent Taliban terrorists from carrying out attacks in the United States. A sequel, Search and Destroy was also in the works but was cancelled before it's July 5th, 2012 release.


In Pakistan, CIA Special Activities Division (SAD) officer and former Navy SEAL Max Moore cultivates an asset in the form of Colonel Saadat Khodai of the Pakistan Army, who has information about the Taliban’s connection with his own colleagues in the Pakistani armed forces. As Moore brings him to a hotel in Islamabad to be questioned by CIA officers, the Taliban assassinates Khodai by blowing up the place, killing Moore’s colleagues in the process. After a fruitless investigation into the incident, Moore is later recalled to the United States to take part in a joint task force aimed at bringing down the Juarez drug cartel in Mexico and Colombia, which involves playing them off against the rival Sinaloa cartel by discreetly helping the latter.

While interacting with the Sinaloa Cartel disguised as a businessman, Moore finds out that the secret leader of the Juarez Cartel is billionaire Jorge Rojas. Along with cartel leader Ernesto Zuñiga, he plans to kidnap Rojas’s son Miguel and girlfriend Sonia, who are taking a vacation at the town of San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico as well as Dante Corrales, one of their bodyguards who is identified as a major player in the cartel. However, Guatemalan death squad Buitres Justicieros (Avenging Vultures), who had a blood feud with Corrales, abducts the couple as well as Corrales and the other bodyguards. Moore finds out that Sonia, whose real name is Olivia Montello, is a deep cover CIA agent, while Corrales barely escapes. Moore, along with a DEA agent embedded in the cartel as a sicario and his immediate boss, follow the couple and the Guatemalans to the nearby town of San Juan Chamula and rescue them. Miguel and Sonia were later freed by Moore.

After hiding from Juarez Cartel and his immediate boss Fernando Castillo in particular, Corrales turns himself in to Zuñiga after surviving an attack that kills his girlfriend. From his ranch house in Juarez, Mexico, Zuñiga contacts Moore, who later extracts Corrales from a bloody shootout with sicarios sent by Castillo where Zuñiga is killed. Corrales then provides the joint task force with evidence of Rojas's association with Juarez Cartel. Recognizing the difficulty of turning in Rojas due to his connections with the Mexican government, the Mexican Special Forces were tasked by the joint task force with raiding his mansion in Cuernavaca and arresting him. During the raid, Moore shoots Rojas dead. Olivia was later extracted by her CIA superiors.

Meanwhile, Taliban terrorists led by Mullah Abdul Samad approach the Juarez Cartel and try to enlist their help in smuggling them across the Mexico–United States border in order to carry out attacks in the north. When Rojas refuses his offer due to the expected loss in drug profits, Samad and his team decide to go through the border themselves through a smuggling tunnel owned by the Juarez Cartel between Mexicali, Mexico and Calexico, California, murdering the tunnel engineer and a drug mule (who is an asset of one of Moore's partners in the joint task force) in the process. They plan to carry out coordinated attacks on six planes in six cities across the United States using man-portable surface-to-air missiles. While attacks were largely prevented in San Diego, California and four other cities, Samad coordinates the attack in Los Angeles, killing hundreds.

With the U.S. government out for blood, Moore later finds out Samad's whereabouts from his asset back in Pakistan, which is in a safehouse owned by the Sinaloa Cartel in Belize. Along with task force leader Henry Towers and a contingent of British Royal Marines training nearby, Moore captures him. Two weeks later, as he is waiting for a date with Olivia, Moore is approached by The Campus operative Dominic Caruso, who attempts to recruit him into the organization but later postpones his offer.


  • A book trailer for Against All Enemies was released by Putnam Books online on May 27, 2011.