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Splinter Cell: Conviction
Conviction for Xbox 360 cover
Video Game
Genre: Stealth, Action
Series: Splinter Cell
Platform: Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
Release date: April 13th, 2010 (Xbox 360 (US))
April 16th, 2010 (Xbox (EU))
April 27th (Windows (US))
April 30th (Windows (EU))
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Status: Post-Release

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Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth installment in the Splinter Cell video game series. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It was originally scheduled for release on November 16, 2007, but had been the subject of several delays. On the 29th of April 2009 it was revealed in Ubisoft's fiscal report that Splinter Cell: Conviction will be released before Christmas 2009. After even more push-backs it had officially was released that the game would come out April 13th, 2010. Unlike other Splinter Cell titles, Conviction was only released for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. While the main release was for those two operating systems, a secondary version of the game was created for the iPhone OS.

Conviction uses the new LEAD video game engine which is basically a "heavily modified" version of Unreal Engine 2.5 (the engine used for Splinter Cell: Double Agent). The game was designed by Maxime Béland (game designer for Rainbow Six: Vegas) and features single player, cooperative and multiplayer game modes.


Single PlayerEdit

Taking place three years after Sarah Fisher's death, former Navy SEAL Victor Coste is held in a Black Arrow facility interrogation room as he is interviewed by an unidentified group of men. Victor begins to recount the events of Splinter Cell: Conviction in the past tense. This continues throughout the game, with each level being narrated in the past tense as the player "experiences" what happened.

After having disappeared, Sam Fisher is remotely located and contacted by former Third Echelon colleague Anna "Grim" Grímsdóttir in a marketplace situated in Valetta, Malta. He is warned that a group of hitmen have located him. Sam dispatches them and interrogates the leader, Dmitri Gramkos, learning that drug runner Andriy Kobin was responsible for the death of his daughter, Sarah. Sam learns that Kobin is present in his mansion, a re-purposed museum. Sam infiltrates the mansion and, after a firefight with Kobin and his guards, Sam interrogates Kobin to ask about what happened to his daughter. Kobin says that there was a conspiracy that was "bigger than" Sam's situation. Sam is then captured by Third Echelon agents.

Sam is relocated to Price Airfield in Virginia, where he is to be interrogated by Grim with support from a PMC called Black Arrow. When they are all alone, Grim kills a guard and reveals that she is working with President Patricia Caldwell as a mole inside Third Echelon, and that she needs his help with investigating Third Echelon's director Tom Reed's relationship with the PMC. A reluctant Sam refuses to help her, but relents after being told that Sarah is alive, and that she would prove it to him during the course of the investigation. Grim facilitates Sam's escape from the airfield by providing him weapons and access to her car. At this point, Sam calls in his former squadmate for assistance in the investigation, in part of Victor having rescued him during the events of Operation Desert Storm. Sam meets with Victor at a county fair in the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., receives some equipment, and learns that White Box Technologies, a R&D (research and development) company specializing in EMPs, hired Black Arrow for corporate security, which is considered to be out of character as Black Arrow does not normally provide such services.

Sam heads to White Box Technologies and witnesses multiple scientists being murdered by Black Arrow operatives. Fisher saves one of the scientists and learns that Lucius Galliardhired Black Arrow to provide security, and that a Black Arrow officer known as Robertson has been collecting and disposing of experimental data with EMP countermeasures. On the way to Robertson's office, Sam gets a short phone call, facilitated by Grim, from Sarah, revealing that she is still alive. Sam then reaches Robertson's office and downloads the data for Grim's analysts to study. He later triggers an EMP to prevent Black Arrow's tracing of the download in order to maintain Grim's cover, which also kills Robertson.

Sam is later directed to the Lincoln Memorial under orders from both President Caldwell and Grim, in order to infiltrate the area and record a conversation between Reed and Galliard. Sam then interrogates Galliard, who reveals that the operation was funded and organized by an unknown group known as 'Megiddo', with Tom Reed being just 'hired help'. Before he can reveal anymore, Galliard is shot by an unknown gunman. Sam pursues the gunman, only for the gunman to get killed by a car bomb. Sam is immediately drawn into a confrontation with Third Echelon agents until he is extracted by the Secret Service.

Later, Sam infiltrates the Third Echelon headquarters to recover equipment from a Third Echelon employee named Fryman and retrieve information from Reed's office. Instead of finding Reed, Sam re-encounters Kobin and interrogates him again. Sam learns that Reed was working with Megiddo to smuggle EMP technology into the United States, and activate the technology as cover to assassinate Caldwell and have the Vice President take over the position since he was "in Megiddo's pocket." As a result of facilitating the assassination, Reed would then be promoted within the higher ranks of the government and be considered a hero. Kobin later reveals that he never knew anything about Sarah and only provided a false body to stage her death, urging him to ask Grim as she knew the whole story. Sam confronts Grim (via video communication) with the information he learned, and is urged to listen to an audio recording of former Director Irving Lambert made shortly before his death in New York. Sam learns that Lambert had found out that there was a mole in Third Echelon who planned to use Sarah as leverage against Sam. In order to protect both of them, he staged Sarah's death as a car accident and secured a similar looking body from Kobin, in order to allow Sam to do his job. Despite this, Lambert concludes that he wasn't able to locate the mole, and that his efforts may have been in vain.

Grim later tells an enraged Sam to stop one of three EMP attacks at the Michigan Avenue Reservoir, stating that Sarah's apartment is within Michigan Avenue's radius; while Victor recovers Sarah. Meanwhile, Grim would accompany Reed to the White House in order to halt the assassination attempt. Sam then escapes Third Echelon when Reed activates the self destruct protocol, destroying the building. He then gets to the EMP site at the reservoir, and interrogates a Black Arrow officer outside the compound to discover that the scientist captured by Colonel Jeremy Prentiss at White Box earlier is being held captive and forced to oversee the EMP there. After witnessing the scientist being beaten by Prentiss, Sam infiltrates the room where the Scientist is being held captive and rescues the scientist, who tells Sam that 2 generators are powering the EMP, and if one EMP generator is destroyed, the other will pulse and trigger the EMP. As Sam reaches the first generator, he asks for Victor Coste's assistance in taking down both generators, and marks the generator for Coste to destroy. As Sam nears the second generator to mark it for Coste's helicopter to destroy, Prentiss arrives in his gunship and attempts to kill Sam as he makes his way towards the second generator. Sam evades Prentiss's gunship and marks the second generator. Victor Coste arrives and shoots down Prentiss's gunship, then destroys both generators. Sam is then extracted by Victor and has a brief reunion with Sarah before the two remaining EMP's are activated, destroying most electronic devices in the city and causing general chaos. After the attack, the helicopter is shot down by a surface-to-air missile. While Coste takes Sarah to safety, Sam journeys through downtown D.C. seeing the chaos and fear the EMP's have caused, and infiltrates the White House, confronting Black Arrow, Splinter Cell agents, and Third Echelon assault troops in the process. After 'securing' the corrupt Vice President (who is to take power once President Caldwell is assassinated), Sam regroups with Grim, who shoots Sam in the shoulder so that he can get close to Reed, appearing to be a hostage.

Upon entering the Oval Office, Reed prepares to execute Sam and the president. It is revealed that Caldwell was going to shut down Third Echelon and leave America vulnerable without its intelligence services, telling Sam that the president believed that all the sacrifices Sam and agents like him made weren't necessary anymore. To prevent this, Reed planned to frame Sam for assassinating the president, as supposed proof to the country that Third Echelon was still needed. As Reed gets close to Sam, Sam disarms Reed and he and Grim kill Reed's Third Echelon escorts. Sam interrogates Reed while U.S. Army soldiers extract Caldwell. It is then revealed that Reed was the mole Lambert was looking for; and depending on the player's choice, Sam or Grim execute Reed. If Grim executes Reed, Grim confides in Sam that he is the only person that she can trust, but Sam says that he no longer wants to be a part of this and leaves.

The story then returns to the present tense, with the interrogation of Victor Coste concluding. Victor states that Sam's last conversation with him revolved around the importance of "always having to come back for family," and how Sam finished that same conversation by saying he loves Vic "like a brother." As Victor concludes his statement by saying "Brother. That's family right?", an explosion places the facility on alert, implying that Sam is assaulting the base.



Single PlayerEdit

Cooperative ModeEdit

Note:The names of the cooperative mode missions are also the names of Deniable Ops and Face Off maps.

Deniable Ops and Multiplayer Game ModesEdit

Deniable Ops is a secondary set of game modes in which players must complete certain objectives to finish the level.


Hunter is much like a terrorist hunt game mode. The object during the mode is to silently eliminate enemies until there are no longer any remaining in the particular section of the map. If no enemies detect the presence of the player, the player will only have to take out a set amount of men. If the player does however become detected then an alarm goes off which calls in reinforcements. This continues until the player completes each section of the map. While gadgets are limited there is the option to reload both the players ammo and gadgets and the end of almost every round (this does become more scarce as the maps go on).

Last StandEdit

Last Stand is a game mode in which a player must defend an EMP from multiple waves of attacking enemies. As the enemies enter the room where the EMP is located, they will choose a spot to stand and begin to shoot at the EMP. The EMP has a health gauge which begins at 100%. As the enemies shoot the level of the gauge will begin to drop depending on the shots hit. After the player takes out all of the enemies the wave is complete and the EMP's health gauge will begin to regenerate. If the gauge is above 50% it will go back up to 100%, if it's above 25% it will go back up to 50% and if it's below 25% it will go back up to 25%. If the gauge happens to drop to 0% the game is over and the player is given the option to restart with full health, ammo and gadgets during the wave the player failed previously. The game is not over until the player keeps the EMP intact for twenty consecutive waves.

Face OffEdit

Face Off is an online multiplayer game mode in which one player attempts to accumulate a higher overall score than another. The host of the game will pick a map and start the game. Once the game is started the objective for each player is to not only take out enemy A.I. but to also neutralize their counterpart. An A.I. kill grants the player 1 point, killing another human player grants 5 points and dieing in anyway removes 3 points from the players score. The game continues until the selected amount of time is up and then the score is counted. The highest score will win the match and the game is continuously played until one player has won a total of three matches.

Infiltration ModeEdit

This mode is obtainable in three different ways. The first is to order the European Special Edition. The second is to pre-order the game through The third and final way is to earn Uplay points during gameplay, and then in turn spend them in the Uplay menu on the game mode. This game mode is similar to Hunter in many ways. There is a set number off enemies in each section of a map. The player must take out each enemy before they can proceed. A major difference however between this game mode and Hunter is the fact that players can not be detected or the mission is over. Not only is stealth the main factor when playing this game mode, there are also obstacles which need to be avoided that were not included into the maps for the Hunter game mode. While playing each map, players must be weary of infrared lasers and camera's, both of which will automatically set off an alarm. If a single alarm goes off, the game is over. A player will not finish the match unless they have taken out every guard in every section of the map without setting of an alarm.




Unlockable WeaponsEdit


Machine Pistols

Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles

  • AK-47 (Can be earned through cooperative mode)
  • M468 (Optionally Suppressed)
  • G36C
  • SC3000 (Suppressed)


Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Certain weapons were not released when the game first came out. A list of the weapons can be found below along with a brief section of how they are obtained.

  • SPAS-12 (Suppressed) (Obtained by pre-ordering the game from Gamestop)
  • SCAR-H (Obtainable by signing up for an online Uplay account and then accessing the feature from the main menu of the game)
  • MP7-A1 (Obtainable in the extra's section of the main menu as of April 14th, 2010)
  • FAMAS (Obtainable in the extra's section of the main menu as of April 29th, 2010)


Unlockable GadgetsEdit

Exclusive GadgetsEdit

Certain gadgets were not released when the game first came out. A list of the gadgets can be found below along with a brief section of how they are obtained.

  • Proximity Mine (Obatainable in the extras section of the main menu as of April 22nd, 2010)


P.E.C. SystemEdit

See Splinter Cell: Conviction P.E.C. Challenges for full article.

Conviction brought a new feature into gameplay called the P.E.C. Challenges (Persistent Elite Creation). This system was first seen in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, however, it has been slightly changed for this title. Players are able to complete certain challenges while playing any game mode to build P.E.C. points. These point can in turn be used to purchase weapon upgrades, armor upgrades and armor camouflage. The challenges are divided into three different categories (Mark and Execute Challenges, Vanish Challenges and Splinter Cell Challenges). After completing all of the challenges available, players can obtain a total of 38,000 P.E.C. points.

Previous VersionEdit

Splinter Cell Conviction Screenshot 1

Sam (Old design) using his hand to hand combat on a police officer.

Promotional images, artwork and the logo of the game were leaked on September 21, 2006 in a RAR archive that displayed a different version of the game that had actually been released. The first screenshots were revealed on a message board with photographs of screenshots in a magazine featuring shots of Fisher with long hair and a full grown beard, throwing chairs, tossing people around, blending in with a crowd, and engaging in a firefight from behind cover. The videos also showed vastly improved lighting and shadow effects from Double Agent. Also, it appeared as though Conviction would feature gameplay similar to Ubisoft's previously released game, Assassin's Creed 2. This, as mentioned previously in the article, would have included blending in with an interactive crowd. On May 23, 2007, Ubisoft released the first trailer for the game. It demonstrated a more casual-looking Sam interacting with objects, such as tables and chairs, to disable enemies.


On July 16, 2007, it was announced that composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen in association with music house Groove Addicts would be composing the musical score to Conviction, which is their first score for a video game. On October 25, 2007, SoundtrackNet posted a news item from the scoring session for the game, featuring photographs of the orchestra recording of the music.

Special Edition ReleasesEdit

Like many other games Splinter Cell: Conviction released a special edition game that included a selection of items that fans could obtain.

The Limited Collectors Edition for European buyers included a metal game case, a statue of Sam Fisher holding out his pistol wearing his civilian clothes, a Shadow Armor character uniform, a soundtrack containing music from the game, a new game mode called Infiltration Mode (which allows players to kill enemies without being seen) and a head start with early access to three of Fisher's new weapons such as the SC300, SR2 and the MP5.

The United States buyers who received the Collectors Edition of the game also got a list of unique items, as well as a few items that simply gave them a head start over other players. This list includes:

  • A custom USB drive the size of a credit card. This card could not only fit into a wallet but it also contained a full-length "Making of Splinter Cell: Conviction" video as well as concept art, renders, screenshots and storyboards from the game.
  • A "Fifth Freedom: The Art of Splinter Cell" small hard-bound book that contained detailed art from the every Splinter Cell titles that has been released for the main consoles (art from Splinter Cell: Essentials was not included). Along side the artwork was commentary that had been written in by the developers. There also was "Digging in the Ashes", a comic book explaining the events that lead up to the storyline of Conviction.
    Splinter Cell Conviction Special Edition

    Europe's Limited Collectors Edition box set.

  • Exclusive access to both the MP5-SD3 suppressed submachine gun and a unique outfit that could be used in Deniable Ops and Face Off called the 3rd Echelon outfit.
  • Two different collectible stickers. One was a Third Echelon Logo decal and the other was a iconic bullet hole decal. These two stickers came packaged together.
  • A STEELBOOK™ game case that featured three indented bullet holes which resembled the shape of Fisher's multivision goggles from previous games. The game case included the game disk and the manual for Conviction.

Aside from the two Collectors Edition copies of the game, a Special Edition Xbox 360 was also released on April 13th. One major difference between the two Collectors Edition games is that the Special Edition Xbox 360 contained the exact same materials in it's box everywhere around the world. This edition came with the Xbox 360 console, a 250 gigabyte hard drive, two black wireless controllers, a single headset, a single ethernet cable, standard definition composite audio/video cables and a regular copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Uplay ReleasesEdit

Ubisoft started up a new program called Uplay prior to Conviction's release. With Uplay, users who have an active account can gain points for completing certain actions throughout the games they play will build up credits. These credits are earned in the same fashion as Xbox 360's achievements. After building up the credits users can then spend them on things the wish to use. Users are able to unlock four different items for both the Xbox 360 and PC (not having an account when players start the game will not mean they cannot earn these rewards). As soon as users start up the account Uplay will find out what goals they have accomplished already and add the credits to there account, they can then purchase what ever reward they'd like in whichever order. While each reward costs a different amount of points, users are capable of getting each of the rewards by earning points (up to 100 points in goals, 100 points worth of rewards). The rewards given out by Uplay include:

  • SCAR-H
    • "Built for rough conditions, the COMBAT ASSAULT RIFLE deals far range damage, while keeping accurate."
  • Infiltration Mode
  • "Eliminate all hostiles without being detected."
  • SCC Theme
    • "Download the exclusive Uplay theme for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction." (Xbox 360)
    • "Download the exclusive Uplay Wallpaper for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction." (PC)

Xbox 360 Avatar ItemsEdit

In the Xbox 360's Avatar Marketplace, people can purchase Splinter Cell: Conviction items. There are a total of fourteen items that can be purchased and all but for are available for both male and female avatars. You can see the items here or in the XBOX Live Avatar Marketplace :

Item Details Cost (USD)
Co-op Outfit (Archer)
  1. Black 3E Eclipse Armor (including facemask)
  2. Green Sonar Goggles (upside-down L)
  3. Unisex
Tom Reed Outfit
  1. Black Collared Jacket
  2. Dark Burgundy Shirt and Tie
  3. Black Pants and Shoes
  4. Male Only
Anna Grímsdóttir Outfit
  1. Black Leather Jacket (above the stomach and 3/4 sleeves)
  2. White Blouse
  3. Black Gloves w/ square holes on the back of the hand
  4. Black Leggings
  5. Brown Knee-high Boots
  6. Female Only
Andriy Kobin Outfit
  1. Gray Suit
  2. White Polo w/ Red Center Design and Lower Border
  3. Black Jeans
  4. Brown Shoes
  5. Gold Watch
  6. Male Only
Splinter Cell Outfit
  1. Black 3E Eclipse Armor (including facemask)
  2. Red Sonar Goggles (mirrored upside-down L)
  3. Unisex
Sam Fisher Outfit
  1. Very Pale Green Rolled-up sleeves Collared Shirt
  2. Gray Sling Bag with Green Square Light on Front Strap
  3. Black Watch w/ Green Light (Right Hand)
  4. White Hand Bandages (Left Hand)
  5. Brown Cargo Pants
  6. Brown Sneakers
  7. Unisex
Elites Outfit
  1. Black Helmet and Facemask w/ Earpiece and Riot Goggles
  2. Black Bulletproof Vest w/ Black Gloves, Elbow and Knee Pads
  3. Black Combat Boots
  4. Unisex
Sonar Goggles
  1. Silver Frame
  2. Green Lights
  3. Pale Brown Band
  4. Unisex
Conviction Logo Baseball Cap
  1. Gray Cap
  2. White "Splinter Cell" Text and Red "Conviction" Text
  3. Male Only
Sam Fisher Backpack (cannot be worn)
  1. Sonar Goggles and Gray Sling Bag
  2. Unisex
Green NVG Dots Tee
  1. Black Shirt
  2. Three Green Dots forming a triangle
  3. Unisex
Red NVG Dots Tee
  1. Black Shirt
  2. Three Red Dots forming a triangle
  3. Unisex
Conviction Logo Tee
  1. Gray Shirt
  2. White "Splinter Cell" Text and Red "Conviction" Text
  3. Unisex
Third Echelon Logo Tee
  1. Olive Green Shirt
  2. Black and White 3E Logo
  3. Unisex

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier BetaEdit

Splinter Cell: Conviction (like Halo and Crackdown) have made it possible for the people who have Conviction to get access to the upcoming multiplayer beta for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The beta was not released with the game, but when the beta is open for use it will become a selectable option in one of Convictions main menu items. No solid details have been released as to when the demo will be ready, but a recent trailer for the game has labeled the beta's release date somewhere in Summer of 2010.

Xbox 360 AchievementsEdit

See Splinter Cell: Conviction Achievements for full article.

The Xbox 360 version of Splinter Cell: Conviction features forty-five obtainable achievements that total up to 1,000 Gamerscore. Of these forty-five achievements only one requires an active Xbox Live Gold Membership account as it is obtained by inviting a player to a match and then beginning the game.


  • Certain Gamestop locations in the United States participated in a midnight launch for Conviction.
  • In many places in the Xbox 360's Marketplace Conviction is labeled simply as SplinterCellConviction. This includes but is not limited to the Game Marketplace section and the actual achievement section for the game itself.
  • Inside of the Collectors Edition copy released to the United States, a large amount of the credit card sized USB drives did not work. Due to this Ubisoft contacted all of the retailers which had the option to pre-order the game and informed them of a price drop of around $10.00 that could be redeemed at the store people reserved their game copy at. During the same call to the retailers, they informed employees of the said stores that the content on USB cards would be available for download on Thursday the 15th of April.
  • Sam Fisher's hand to hand combat used in the game is an Israeli combat technique called "Krav Maga".
  • Sam Fisher's handgun technique is called Center Axis Relock (aka C.A.R) which was invented by Paul Castle.

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