Quote1 The Space Center's defense force will do their best, but without our help, they won't stand a chance. Whoever these vermin are, we can bet they came here to destroy the Freedom IV lifter. I don't think either one of us want 35 billion dollars deducted from our paychecks, Colonel, so wipe them out before they touch it. Quote2

Scott Mitchell was a long-time leader of the Ghost Special Forces. Later on, he became the Commanding Officer of the Joint Strike Force. However, for some unexplained reason, he loses this position in 2021 and gets demoted back to Captain in Ghost Special Forces during the 2021 War.

However, it is now known that the HAWX plot didn't connect to EndWar's timeline, which explains his rank between EndWar and HAWX which indicates that Mitchell is still commander of the Joint Strike Force in EndWar's timeline but still a Captain in HAWX's timeline.


Early lifeEdit

Scott Mitchell was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. His father was a factory worker, who took pride in the fact the he worked his way up to foreman. His mother, who emigrated from Latvia at age ten, was an assistant pharmacist. She passed away when Mitchell was 14.

Mitchell is the oldest of four children, with two brothers and a sister. With both parents working, Mitchell grew up independent and self-reliant. After his mother's death, he also took on the responsibility of helping to raise his younger siblings, instilling in him a strong sense of leadership. He was an above-average student, and worked part time as a shop assistant for an automobile mechanic. After graduating from high school, Mitchell found that he could not afford to attend college. He chose to go into the military, joining the Army instead. Initially, his plan was to serve and then go to school using G.I. Bill benefits, but he found the Army lifestyle suited him, and he became a professional soldier.

Mitchel began his military career when he served the US Army as a rifleman in Infantry Services. During this time he served on two different peace keeping tours, one in Bosnia and the other in Kosovo. After Mitchell's return he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal. He later moved on to the Opposing Forces (aka OPFOR) Recon Team Alpha. Mitchell was promoted and given the rank of Commanding Officer and fought as a riflemen once again in three different tours, earning a silver star during all three. His tours took him to Philippine, Eritrea and Cuba. After serving three tours with Recon Team Alpha, Mitchell was transferred to Ghost Special Forces: Team Alpha where he kept his rank of Commanding Officer and had the opportunity to work as a rifleman once more.

Mitchell attended basic training at Fort Drum. His high score on linguistics screening made him eligible for entry into counter-intelligence, but he declined and entered the infantry. His initial service was at various stations, including peacekeeping tours in Bosnia and Kosovo. During this time he earned the Army Commendation Medal.

After a few years of infantry service, SGT Mitchell attended Airborne training at Fort Benning. Shortly thereafter, he was assigned to OPFOR, and spent the next two years working as a team leader for an OPFOR recon unit at Fort Irwin. While serving in OPFOR, SSG Mitchell completed his BA in History through night school and correspondence.

During his time at OPFOR, SSG Mitchell applied for and received transfer to Special Forces. Soon after completing Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, he applied for and received his commission. His first Special Forces assignment was the Philippines, where he served as one of the members of the 12-man "A-Teams" that deployed to train Filipino troops in their campaign against the Abu Sayyaf. 1LT Mitchell earned a Silver Star for action against guerrilla units when his team was ambushed while on a patrol on Basilan.

1LT Mitchell returned to the US after his service in the Philippines, and was recruited by the Ghosts just in time for deployment in Georgia. He went on to serve in Eritrea and Cuba, where he earned the Silver Star and was promoted to Captain. At this time, he also took a Team Leader position within the Ghosts. Recently CPT Mitchell was slated for promotion to Major, but delayed his promotion in order to stay with the Ghosts for their deployment to Asia.

Korean Conflict (2007)Edit

On July 4, 2007, a North Korean Super-Silkworm Missile hit and sank the USS Clarence E. Walsh. In response, the President sends in the Ghosts to push North Korea back. Scott Mitchell leads the Ghosts on the missions assigned to them, and siding with the South Koreans in order to push back North Korea from escalating the war even further. When General Paik tries to blow up a dam to escalate the war, the Ghosts stop him and his plans temporarily.[1] As revealed in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the missile was launched by a PMC. After two months, General Paik re-activates North Korea's nuclear stockpile and the Ghosts are sent back in to take him out. The Ghosts fight through a complex that was made as a remote command post for the North Korean President. When Scott and the Ghosts finally reach General Paik, Paik commits suicide, and the Ghosts are forced to blow up a Taipodong Missile.[1] (For more details about the war investigate Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.)

Rogue GeneralEdit

Scott led a team against a rogue General. The General stabbed him in the gut with a specially-shaped sword. The scar persisted years later.[2]


Scott also led a team into Afghanistan. He had to fight the Taliban and American military politics.[3]

Korean Conflict (2011)Edit

In 2011, and amidst a time of disastrous famine and political turmoil, the people of North Korea are facing a time of great change. The government has invested too much into its military buildup and it has become impossible to preserve both the military and North Korea's infrastructure, so in an attempt to curb the effects of the famine, the government cuts off military funding, instead dedicating it towards the internal needs of the population. Infuriated, the North Korean military mobilizes against the government, with the brutal and charismatic General Jung Chong-Sun heading the coup.[4]

General Jung initiates a rebellion against the government, who find themselves at his mercy as he assumes control of the entire country. With total control over the military, Jung gains access to the country's nuclear arsenal, and makes preparations to start a war among the surrounding Asian powers. This prompts NATO and the United States to send a large peacekeeping force in order to shut down Jung's operations before he destabilizes the Korean Peninsula. At the tip of the U.S. spear, Captain Mitchell and the Ghosts are once again sent into North Korea to avert disaster.[4]

Throughout the conflict, Mitchell's team is ordered to disrupt and destroy General Jung's fuel supply and armor support. Mitchell personally leads the team on their first strike on an airfield, crippling Jung's air power in the area. In another mission, his team would be sent in to blow a bridge, denying Jung from quickly moving his tanks and personnel through the area, and saving SAS troopers pinned down in a nearby pagoda. Along with his Ghosts, Mitchell would also work alongside SAS trooper Daniel Stevens, German gunner Lukas Färber, and French marksman Thierry Dubois. With each strike, Jung gets more desperate in winning the war, and in one mission, Mitchell leads a raid to seize three nuclear warheads from a train before they reach civilian-populated areas.[4]

In the last stages of the game, General Jung launches a last-ditch effort to defeat the NATO forces. He invades a dam near Hamhung, and plants a nuclear warhead within the structure. If detonated, thousands of civilians would die, so the Ghosts and Capt. Mitchell are tasked with securing the dam, disarming the warhead, and pursuing General Jung before he flees to regroup his forces. The Ghosts are successful in their mission, and the war ends.[1]

Summit StrikeEdit

Mitchell led the team into Kazakhstan in 2012 when Aamir Rahil staged his coup. Mitchell led the team into battle against Rahil's forces and eventually stopped the rogue leader. His contact Grigoriy Koslov was killed in action, though Mitchell had warned him against pressing forward.[5]

Mexican Civil WarEdit

Six years after the Korean Conflict, A US spy plane carrying Guardrail IX, a device capable of disrupting wireless communications, is shot down over Nicaragua. Intelligence discovers a plot to transfer the device to rebels in Mexico City, and the Ghosts are sent in to retrieve it. One of the rebels is identified as Colonel Carlos Ontiveros, son of Mexican General Ontiveros, and a student of Bud, Mitchell's friend and a UH-60 pilot. The mission is aborted when a coup d'état begins in Mexico City and the Ghosts are ordered to Mexico City immediately, where a summit involving the leaders of the United States: President Ballantine, Canada: Canadian Prime Minister (unnamed), and Mexico: President Ruiz-Pena, who are signing the North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA). Things go horribly wrong when the rebels attack the summit, killing the Canadian Prime Minister, and causing the other two presidents to go into hiding. Scott is tasked with safely extracting both leaders.[6]

After protecting the United States, saving President Ballantine, and opening the path for an attack on the Mexican revolutionaries, Scott is ordered to retrieve the Guardrail IX and the Nuclear Football, but he only succeeds in disabling the Guardrail IX. After lending some more support to the US forces, he is then ordered to destroy the last pieces of the Guardrail IX before sneaking into the palace. General Ontiveros is there and was captured while attempting to flee, but Carlos manages to escape and hijacks Bud's Black Hawk, shooting him in the head and greatly angering Mitchell, who sees this happen on his Cross Com. Mitchell and the Ghosts then pursue Carlos, where they have a final confrontation with him, ending with Scott shooting him off a rooftop, causing him to fall to his death.[6]

Mexican Civil War (2014)Edit

Directly after the events of the Rebel uprising, rebel activity has caused civil unrest throughout Mexico. Despite Carlos being killed, the insurgency has continued under the leadership of Juan de la Barrera. The Ghosts are sent to Mexico by General Keating to investigate claims that the rebels are in possession of a dirty bomb, as well as prevent the rebellion from directly assaulting US soil. After clearing the way for additional American forces, and destroying two enemy weapon convoys, Scott learns that de la Barrera has obtained several nuclear warheads, and now has the ability to destroy any major city in the United States. With the WMD threat confirmed, the Ghosts are sent into Ciudad Juárez to search for nukes. Along the way, they link up with the loyalist Mexican Army. Together, they neutralize most of the rebel activity in the city, but one of the nuclear warheads is set off inside the marketplace, causing large amounts of radiation to pollute the city, leaving Mitchell with no other choice but to evacuate.[7]

During a mission to extract a Mexican journalist, Black Hawk 5 is shot down by enemy RPG fire. Mitchell manages to survive and escape, but Lieutenant Rosen (Mitchell's field runner) is captured, along with Black Hawk 5 itself. To avoid the rebels showing the wreckage on TV as media manipulation, Scott is sent in to destroy the wreckage of the Black Hawk, and rescue Rosen. Both missions are successful. After this, the Ghosts are sent on a mission to obtain the two nuclear warheads. Bravo Team manages to secure one of them, but Juan de la Barrera escapes via helicopter. Scott gets on the gunner seat of Black Hawk 9,and pursues de la Barrera through the air. Scott manages to shoot down de la Barrera's helicopter, killing him, although the last nuke is not found.[7]

After heading to a false location of one of the nukes, the Ghosts head back to Ciudad Juárez, where they find the last nuke. The nuke is moments from being launched, and Mitchell and his team are on a balcony overlooking the launch site. With an entire nation counting on him, Scott orders the Air Force fighter pilot to launch the EMP, which Mitchell was directly in the blast radius. The EMP is launched, stopping the nuke from launching, as well as sending Scott on his back, where he manages to hear a few last messages over his failing cross-com from President Ballantine, General Keating, and Rosen, moments before blacking out.[7]

Sri Lankan crisisEdit

He guided the Ghosts during their time in Sri Lanka using the callsign "Griffin." He was responsible for briefing the team during the conflict, and told the team leader on the ground to do what he had to when capturing the Sri Lankan leader.[8]

Artemis crisisEdit

Mitchell remains as a Captain of the Ghosts. In 2021, he works with the H.A.W.X. team in several missions against Las Trinidad and Artemis.[9]

He was eventually promoted to Major.[10]

Raven's Rock coupEdit

Mitchell ordered Predator Team led by Joe Ramirez to disrupt a weapons shipment in Nicaragua. A nuclear warhead explodes, killing the team, and Mitchell calls for a pickup. Mitchell tasked Hunter Team, led by Cedric Ferguson, with "tugging at the strings" to find out who was responsible. Hunter Team later became involved in the coup instigated by Raven's Rock. Under Mitchell's orders, they assisted the Russian loyalists and rescued President Volodin. As the crisis ended, Mitchell told them to finish the mission. As Hunter Team chased down the Raven's Rock leadership, Mitchell told them not to touch Petrakov. Ferguson took his orders literally and left "Ace" on a train track as a train approached.[10]

Some time later, Mitchell was also briefing a team who was rescuing a CIA officer in Colombia. He kept in contact with Ghost Lead Andrew Ross via his laptop. When the team discovered a link to Middle Eastern terrorists and the FARC, Mitchell worked behind the scenes to get support for the Ghost team.[11]

Eight weeks later, Mitchell stopped by the Liberator bar to greet Ross' team, who were having a reunion. He asked them if they were in for more business, and they wholeheartedly agreed. He said he would see them soon and left.[11]

Leading the JSFEdit

Sometime before the near future, he raises to the rank of General, and leads the Joint Strike Force.

As the leader in the Joint Strike Force, he is responsible for combat operations. He was in charge of security at the JFK Space Center on April 4, 2020 for the launch of the Freedom IV lifter. He briefed Colonel Jordan Taylor and told him to repel the assault. As the prelude to war started, Mitchell was in charge of domestic defense efforts. Later, after the three-way war commenced, the General again briefed Colonel Taylor and had him choose one of the combat operations for his battalion. Throughout the war, Mitchell continued to brief JSF battalion Colonels and other officers on their missions.

Mitchell sent Captain Alexander Brent and his Ghost Recon team to hunt Viktoria Antsyforov, the "Snow Maiden". He failed, but brokered a deal with Mitchell, giving up his contact in exchange for the chance to go back out. His team took heavy casualties and in the end, she escaped.

Soon after, Mitchell reported to the President that Major Dennison had gone missing. Mitchell also was responsible for planning the attack on Fort Levski Spetsnaz base in Bulgaria and was in contact with the team leader, Captain Alexandrov, in the process. He allowed the captain to download information from the base as long as it was turned over. He later contacted him again when it came time to rescue Doctor Ragland from The Ganjin.


Scott Mitchell is a professional soldier. He believes that respect is earned. He knows that his troops are the very best, and treats them like the professionals they are. In a military setting, he is a no-nonsense soldier. He puts the mission and his team first, and everything else is secondary. In the field, he leads by example and projects a calm and professional demeanor to his troops. He is apolitical, and doesn't concern himself with the politics of the Missions. Even so, Mitchell has a solid reputation for ensuring the survival of his men during the battles and their eventual return home from military deployments.

In addition to English, Mitchell speaks fluent Spanish and passable French.

Off-duty, Scott Mitchell has a small apartment at Fort Bragg BOQ. He has a passion for carpentry, and enjoys building furniture that he sells to other soldiers on base. He rents a storage garage where he keeps his small woodshop. On longer leaves, he travels home to visit his family, who still resides in Ohio.

He said that the best part of going out was coming back.[11]

The interesting thing is that he owes David Crenshaw of the U.S. Air Force's elite H.A.W.X. Squadron for saving his life twice, when they almost failed to escape Mexico, or failed to escape the camp of Las Trinidad.


Between BattlesEdit

  • "We're updating your strategic display now. Here's how the week went for us."
  • "We're updating your strategic display now. Here are the mission results from the past week."

Doing a good jobEdit

  • "Nice job, Colonel."
  • Excellent job Colonel, you've made wreckage of those Euros."
  • Excellent job Colonel, you've smacked those Ruskies right in the nose."


  • "We've kicked butt on the home front."
  • "We've got kicked around on the home front."
  • "We've got knocked around on the home front."
  • "We've got results in Western Europe."
  • "Western Europe gave us trouble."
  • "Eastern Europe went well for us."
  • "Eastern Europe went in our favor."
  • "Things went well in Eastern Europe."
  • "Eastern Europe gave us trouble."

Taking territoriesEdit

  • "Paris has fallen, we've took it from the Euros."
  • "We've taken Paris, we've took it from the Euros."
  • "We've captured an air base."
  • "We've captured an army base."
  • "We've lost an air base."
  • "We've lost an army base."
  • "Moscow has fallen. We've took it from the Ruskies."
  • Victory in Moscow. We've took it from the Ruskies."


  • "Colonel, the United States of America has once again emerged the victor in a great worldwide conflict. History won't soon forget what we've accomplished together, any more than you or I will forget the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price to defend our freedoms. It's the dawn of a new era, Colonel. Savor this victory and everything you did to help earn it. Mitchell out."

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